• ANCIPS 2019 - Lucknow

  • ANCIPS 2019 - Lucknow

  • ANCIPS 2019 - Lucknow

  • ANCIPS 2019 - Lucknow

  • ANCIPS 2019 - Lucknow

  • ANCIPS 2018

  • ANCIPS 2018

  • ANCIPS 2018

  • ANCIPS 2018

  • 9th EC• ANCIPS 2020, Kolkata, Venue visit - 31st March, 2018

  • • Office Bearers Meeting, Lucknow - 7th April, 2018

  • Election Notification for the Year – 2020 with Nomination Form

    The Election Commission of the Indian Psychiatric Society invites NOMINATIONS from the ELIGIBLE LIFE FELLOWS of the Indian Psychiatric Society to the following post: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Vice President cum President Elect:   ONE POST (2020-2021) ONE YEAR     |    2.  Hon. General Secretary   ONE POST (2020-2022) TWO YEARS     |    3.  Hon. Treasurer    ONE POST (2020-2022) TWO YEARS     |    4.  Hon. Editor    ONE POST (2020-2022) TWO YEARS     |    5. Direct Council Member:   THREE POSTS (2020-2023) THREE YEARS     |    6. Direct Council Member (Army/Defense): ONE POST (2020-2023) THREE YEARS     |    -------------------------------------...


    The following constitutional amendments have been passed by the extra-ordinary General Body Meeting at Mysore on 10th August 2019. ...

Message from the President's desk

I am grateful to everyone who wished, voted, supported & encouraged me and my campaign to contest for the post of president. I express my humble respects to all the past presidents and office bearers of Indian Psychiatric Society who through years of hard work have brought this organization to such great heights. I am privileged to be working with the current office bearers who are not only eminent psychiatrists of India but also warm, humble and emotionally charged individuals who will give new directions to the IPS. My mission is to make society audible at every level. IPS will fight for the rights of the people with Mental Illness. We will advocate for the health insurance rights of psychiatric patients. We will raise awareness and toil to remove stigma associated with Mental illness. We will strive to protect our fellow psychiatrists from medical litigation. We will usher in an era of digital mental health in our country and above all, I will strive to make IPS a true democracy, where the society is driven by the members and works for the members.

Message from the Hony General Secretary

Dear Colleagues, Greetings from the office of Hon. General Secretary and welcome to the new look IPS website! I am feeling proud that IPS is becoming a visible force and audible voice. Last year we partnered in a visible social change on LGBT issue. Our Position Statement was produced as an authentic document in Honorable Supreme Court of India and it was surprising to know that it went viral and played important role in opinion making. Our three publication is now in the international market and all are doing well. This a new year for all of us. It has come with new challenges and we are meet. The performance of all the subcommittees was excellent last year and this year I am sure,we will be able to better our record.
Our #Mental_Hai_Kya_Title_Change movement is spreading and we have got some hint that we will succeed. Long Live IPS!

Message from Ex‐President IPS, on IPS Taskforce

The Indian Psychiatric Society in 2017, constituted a Task Force on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues. The Task Force, now partially re-constituted, continues its work to endorse the stance of the Society that Homosexuality should not be considered a mental illness, much less a crime.

Letter No: Notice/EGB-1/ 07/07/2019

Notice for Extra-Ordinary General Body Meeting

Under the constitutional provision of Part II Article XX Section 35 and Part III Article IX Section 32, on the requisition of the Executive Council, in its meeting held at JW Marriott Sahar Mumbai on 8th June 2019, the Extra-Ordinary General Body Meeting of the Indian Psychiatric Society is being convened on 9th August 2019, Friday from 5:30 p.m. at Sri Rajendra Auditorium, JSS Medical College, JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research, Sri Shivarathreeshwara Nagar, Mysore - 570015.


We look forward to your presence and participation in this meeting.

Dr. Vinay Kumar
Hon General Secretary
Indian Psychiatric Society


Dear member/fellow,
Complaints against doctors are on the rise. Psychiatrists are no exception. All complaints have the potential to be escalated formally if they are not resolved at an early stage. Irrespective of their outcome, patient complaints can be a source of considerable personal and professional distress.
The Legal subcommittee of the Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS) has been tasked with setting up a support system for members and fellows of the IPS to deal with these issues. In order to do this, it is crucial to have a baseline view the nature and types of commonly encountered patient complaints, and how these are usually resolved. This can help the IPS to develop resources to identify areas of good practice & potential risk factors, as well as support members to pre-empt such complaints, as well as manage them efficiently.
This survey is a scoping exercise to identify common complaints faced by psychiatrists and how they are currently addressed/ resolved. We would be grateful if you could complete the questionnaire below and provide information about complaints that you may have encountered (in your or other colleagues' practice) in the last 3 years. We may also wish to contact you for more details, if same is not sufficient in the completed form. All information provided in this form will be kept confidential. If you wish to remain anonymous, kindly select the appropriate option.
In order to complete the survey, kindly fill out the following form and press submit. The form takes around 5 minutes or less to complete. Kindly complete the survey within the next two weeks (10th July to 30th of July).

Click here to complete the survey!

Thanking you in anticipation of your participation,
Yours sincerely,
Dr. BN Raveesh
Dr. SB Math
Dr. Venu Duddu

IPS - Application Form For New Membership

The Indian Psychiatric Society has reviewed its guidelines and issued a new membership form for application to the society. The membership form (IPS Membership Application Form 2019.pdf ) supersedes all previous versions of application formats of the Society. Additionally, as per society rules, a printed "hard copy" of the form needs to be posted to the office of the Hon. Treasurer, IPS. Further details for form submission are included in the second page of the form itself. Download the new form and become a member of the Indian Psychiatric Society today!

Dr.Vinay Kumar  (Hon. General Secretary)
Indian Psychiatric Society

Dr. Mrugesh Vaishnav  (President)
Indian Psychiatric Society

IPS - Application Form For New Membership

IPS website updates

Dear Patrons,
The IPS website will undergo significant changes over the next three months. For this purpose, kindly let us know the problems you face in the current website and the features that you want the most from the website, by emailing us at ips.website.committee@gmail.com. Additionally, for urgent changes (subject to the approval of IPS Office Bearers), kindly drop a WhatsApp to the IPS Website chairperson: Dr Koushik Sinha Deb @ 9868945171. We will also provide the daily update to this old website, in the website news box below. Lets work together to make our website better - Warm Regards, Website Committee


Upcoming Event Schedule

Website Updates

  • April 11

    Home Page Update

    Home page redesigned (header, footer, news section), president speech added

  • April 13

    About Section Update

    Office Bearer, Council Members, Zonal Representative, Subcommittees updated!

  • XXI Conference of the International Society of Addiction Medicine, 13-16 Nov 2019, New Delhi, India

    IPS Co-sponsored 2019 meeting of the International Society of Addiction Medicine

  • IPS National Mid-term CME, 2019 Mysuru

    Conducted by Indian Psychiatric Society, Mysore Local Branch Under the auspices of Indian Psychiatric Society, Karnataka Chapter Theme: Mind & Sex Event Date : 9th, 10th, & 11th August, 2019 Venue: JSS Medical College, Mysore


    The psychotherapy subcommittee of the Indian Psychiatric Society has organized a National Symposium on Psychotherapy in Ahmedabad on Sunday, Aug 4, 2019.

  • Workshop - Neuroimaging and Psychiatric Disorders - Kolkata - 16th Nov - 2019

  • Live Webinar on Brief Psychological Therapies - IPS Specialty Section on Community Psychiatry - 30th July 2019 - 9PM-10PM

    Webinar speaker: Dr Vikram Patel, Harvard Medical School This webinar aims to summarize the dramatic evidence on the effectiveness of Brief Psychological Interventions on common mental health and substance use problems.