History & Objectives of Indian Psychiatric Society

History of IPS

Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS) is the largest association of Indian Psychiatrists. One of the earlier iterations of the organisation holds its origins in 1929, when Berkeley Hill founded the Indian Association for Mental Hygiene. In 1935, the Indian division of the Royal Medico Psychological Association was formed due to the efforts of Banarasi Das. In 1946, Dr. Nagendra Nath De consulted Major R. B. Davis of the Hospital for Mental DiseaseKankeRanchi and Brigadier T. A. Munro, Advisor in Psychiatry to the Indian Army and decided to revive the association. Due to their efforts, the Indian Psychiatric Society was inaugurated.


The Emblem

The circle depicts the mandala – wholeness, the wheel-eternal cycle or eternity, also process. The Urn is the Urn of knowledge, also signifies the Yin-Yang principle, the mirror image denoting unity behind all apparent duality. The staff and the entwined snakes are universal medical symbols. Our motto is “Prosanti” – Peace, Calmness.


Objectives to IPS:

The Objectives of the Indian Psychiatric Society are to:

  • Promote and advance the subject of Psychiatry and allied sciences in all their different branches.
  • Promote the improvement of the mental health of the people and mental health education.
  • Promote prevention, control, treatment and relief of all psychiatric disabilities.
  • Formulate and advise on the standards of education and training for medical and auxiliary personnel in psychiatry and to recommend adequate teaching facilities for the purpose.
  • Promote research in the field of psychiatry and mental health. Propagate the principles of psychiatry and current development in psychiatric thought.
  • Deal with any matters relating to mental health concerning the country and to do all other things as are cognate to the subjects of the Indian Psychiatric Society.
  • Safeguard the interest of Psychiatrists and fellow professionals in India.
  • Promote ethical standards in the practice of psychiatry in India