D.L.N. Murthy Rao Oration Award


e by a date determined by the Executive Council of IPS. The proposal must be accompanied by a written consent of the nominee.

To be eligible for the award, the nomination shall be assessed on the following criteria:

a. Contribution to the service and development of psychiatry in India   -                                   30 marks
b. Contribution to the Indian Psychiatric Society      -                                                              30marks
c. Contribution to teaching, training and research in Psychiatry      -                                          20 marks
d. Overall seniority in Psychiatry, recognition, and

    standing amongst fellow Psychiatrists in India-                                                                   20  marks

A panel of judges shall rate the nominations. The nomination securing the highest total marks (out of 100) shall win the award, subject to ratification by the awards committee and the executive council of the society. In case of a tie, the concerned nominations shall be re-assessed by another panel of judges. To win an award not less than 50% of the full marks must be obtained by a nominee.

The oration paper will become the property of the Indian Psychiatric Society and shall be published in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry with the necessary editorial corrections. The speaker will pass on the oration paper to the Editor, Indian Journal of Psychiatry as soon after the annual conference as possible for its publication in the journal.

The speaker can choose any topic for the oration. He shall intimate the title of the oration to the chairperson awards committee at least three months prior to the conference.

The speaker will be paid a lump-sum for the oration. He will also be awarded a suitable scroll. No person shall win the award more than once.