Election Notifications

Updation of registered email id & Mobile number / Dated : 01/12/2018

Dear Members, The Election Commission of Indian Psychiatric Society in its meeting held on 30th November 2018 at Hyderabad has unanimously resolved that, the Life Fellow members (by 30th June 2018) who have not updated their registered mobile number and their email ID by 31st October 2018, can’t be permitted to vote this year as Election Commission has to follow the last updated list upto 31st October 2018 provided by the Hony. General Secretary, IPS.   All the three contenders were informed and had no objection.   With warm regards,   Dr. Roop Chand Sidana Chairperson, Election Commission, IPS Mob: +919414087359 Email: drroop67@gmail.com

Canvassing in Election 2019 / Dated : 21/11/2018

Dear Candidates, The eVoting of the election 2019 for the post of Vice-President cum President Elect has started on 21st November 2018 at 10 AM. In the context of this election we would like to inform once again that: Under “ARTICLE – VI 14 (C) which clearly guides that Canvassing by mobile/telephonic calls is only permitted. *No other means are permitted for canvassing. If found the breech, the contestant shall be disqualified.” Please note: “no other means” explains as personal / bulk format of email; SMS; Whatsapp; Facebook; any social media; Pamphlet, Letters, Tele-conferencing, Hoardings and also call to voters by third party (other than candidate). In  case  of  non-compliance  of  these regulations the quantum of punishment shall be decided by the Election Commission, IPS which  may  include  from  issuing  of  warning  notice upto  disqualification  from the election. The eVoting ends on 21st December 2018 at 5PM. With warm regards, Dr. Roop Chand Sidana   Chairperson, Election Commission, IPS


Final Voter List 2019 / Dated : 31/10/2018

Voter List for the IPS Election 2019 (IPS Membership till 30th June 2018) (Membership, Contacts & Obituary updated & revised till 31st October 2018)

Download Voter List 2019

IPS Election Final List of Contestants - 2019 / Dated : 27/10/2018

Final List of contestants for the Election 2019 The Final List of three contestants is hereby declared for the election in ONE POST (2019-2020) ONE YEAR of Vice President cum President Elect: 1. Dr. Asim Kumar Mallick (LF 01050) 2. Dr. Dalal P.K. (LF 04005) 3. Dr. Sathyanarayana T.S. Rao (LF 19016)

Download Final List of Contestants - 2019

Election notification 2019 / Dated : 15/08/2018

The Election Commission of the Indian Psychiatric Society invites NOMINATIONS from the ELIGIBLE LIFE FELLOWS of the Indian Psychiatric Society to the following post:

Download Election notification 2019