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IPS Multicentric Study for the year 2019 / Dated : 22/05/2019

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IPS Travel Fellowship for the year 2019 / Dated : 22/05/2019

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11th International SAARC Psychiatric Federation (SPF) Conference, Galle Face Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 24 to 27 May 2019. / Dated : 14/02/2019

11th International  SAARC Psychiatric Federation (SPF) Conference  will be held at the iconic Galle Face Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka from 24 to 27 May 2019.                                            The scientific program will consist of  invited lectures, about 40 symposia a nd workshops, free papers and poster presentations. You can register on line at the website                               Registration fees for SAARC country delegates is $ 150  and  other international members $ 225. Bonafide PG students may pay at a concessional rate of $ 80. All rates are upto 15 March 2019.                                                Propsals for Symposia and workshops to be submitted to Brig MSVK Raju, President SPF at with cc to Prof Harischandra Gambheera at Abstracts of free papers and posters to be sent to second addressee only.                                 Srilanka is a peaceful and beautiful  ocean kissed island. The people here are very friendly. They accept Indian currency here. There is much to see and savour in this jewel of an island. It is time you prepare for an exciting h break. Information is available at the website 2019.                                   You may contact:-                +94 112685088         Prof Shehan Williams                      +94 774301303.                  Prof  Harischandra Gambheera.        +94 714290232.             If you are not able to contact any of the above please  call me at 9890419481

World Mental Health Day, 10th Oct 2018 / Dated : 09/10/2018

World Mental Health Day, Oct 10, 2018 Theme: “Young People and Mental Health in a Changing World”   Every year, October 10 is observed as the world mental health day, supported by the United Nations.   The theme of the world mental health day this year is focused on the ‘young people’, and the ‘changing world’.  The young age spans the adolescence and youth covering the broad age range of 11-25 years. This is a phase of transition from childhood to adulthood and constitutes the most dynamic and a rapidly changing phase of life. During this phase, the brain as well the body grows and develops at an exponential pace. The body and the mind mature for adult roles and responsibilities. Awareness of self and others becomes more acute; thinking becomes more rational, abstract and evaluative; learning and memory expands; emotions are intense; ideologies begin to crystallize; meaning and purpose in life starts becoming apparent. This is also a phase of vulnerability due to stress of having to handle the newfound awareness, sexuality and freedom and emotional surges. The young at this age encounter conflict between the ideal and the real; face constraints of society and law; have intense desire to explore and experience everything or anything available; and often question/ reject imposed rules and restrictions. All these represent the internal struggle and strife that the young minds have to grapple with. In addition, there may also be a host of external stresses to handle related to education, job; peer pressure; poor living environment; abuse, trauma, violence; war, natural calamities and the like. All put together, the young people experience tremendous amount of turmoil and challenge that makes them vulnerable to develop mental health problems. The world is changing rapidly. It no more feels supportive, safe or secure for the young people as ideally it should be. The onslaught of globalization and the technology boom; the changing family systems, gender roles and cultural values; sexual emancipation; information overload; trauma, abuse; civil strife and war and so on constantly impact the young and developing brains of the young people. Inability to handle these stresses can lead to dysregulation of brain functions manifesting in the form of various symptoms like anxiety, depression, fears, academic decline, substance abuse or even major psychiatric disorders such as bipolar disorders, schizophrenias, obsessive compulsive disorders or suicidality. It is well known that half of all mental illnesses begin by the age of 14 years. According to national mental health survey 2016 by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, government of India, 7.3% of 13-17 yrs and 7.5% of 18-29 yrs of age suffer from mental illness in India. Mental illness afflicts all sections of society and all age groups and contributes to significant distress, disability, and disruption of normal life processes. Mental disorders are caused by a complex interplay of genetic, neurodevelopmental, and environmental factors, starting early in life. These are disorders pertaining to brain and mind much like the physical illnesses that arise from afflictions of any other body organ system.   Mental disorders are largely treatable as well as preventable.  Prevention is a far better strategy. It is necessary to break the barrier of stigma and secrecy and reach out for help. Psychiatrists are the qualified and trained professionals equipped with expertise in the art and science of understanding and treating mental disorders. Young people have tremendous potential and represent a pillar of hope on one hand and a vulnerable section of society on the other. It is extremely important to be aware and seek timely intervention for the issues and problems that the young people are grappling with. Parents, families, teachers, society as a whole must learn to identify early the signs of distress, and make efforts to understand, support and help them deal with their life experience and transition. There are several simple strategies that the parents and families can use, such as having a positive relationship, an open communication, an understanding attitude and a close emotional bond with the youngster. Effort should be made to clearly define and communicate the family’s expectations, lay down rules, enforce discipline, inculcate a sense of responsibility, regard for others, values of sharing, giving and sacrifice. They should be supported in times of failure, disappointments, and frustrations; learn emotional resilience thus preparing them with the survival skills in the world that is. Availability of Internet, cell phones, computer games and videos etc and over involvement of youngsters in these pursuits in recent times has become a matter of serious concern for the society. They are exposed to cyber bullying, pornography, sexual exploitation leading to severe consequences including depression, anxiety, self harm, suicidal behavior, Internet addiction, academic decline etc.  There is need to be aware of the dangers of over involvement in technology and for putting in regulations for the mental health and safety of the young people. Mental health is too precious to be lost or forgotton. Let us all join hands and commit us to protect, prevent and promote mental health of the youth for ensuring a better society in future. 


Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology Fellowship Award 2019 / Dated : 01/09/2018

Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology Fellowship Award Application Deadline: October 21st, 2018 (Japan time)   The Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology is pleased to invite young psychiatrists from around the world -particularly Asia- to apply for the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology Fellowship Award. The purpose of this award is to recognize early- career, outstanding psychiatrists and to encourage academic discussion and personal friendships with early-career Japanese psychiatrists at the 115th annual meeting of the JSPN on June 20th to 22nd, 2019, in Niigata, Japan.   Award recipients will receive a waiver of meeting registration fees, accommodations, and a partial reimbursement of airfare (JPY 70,000 for recipients from World Bank A and B category countries, and JPY 140,000 for those from C and D countries). Award recipients will be expected to give a presentation at one of the international sessions, the themes of which are “Coercive measures in psychiatry” and “Case Vignette”, and attend other programs for JSPN Fellowship Award recipients. Award recipients will also be expected to participate in future JSPN Fellowship Award Alumni programs.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Applicants must: 1. Be psychiatrists younger than 40 years of age or with 10 years or less experience in psychiatry 2. Not be previous recipients of the JSPN Fellowship Award 3. Belong to a World Psychiatric Association member society (To ensure broad participation from around the world, the JSPN accepts nominations from each society up to a maximum of two applicants.)   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Meeting Information 115th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology -Date: June 20th – 22nd, 2019 -Venue: Niigata Convention Center, Nikko Niigata -Meeting president: Toshiyuki Someya (Professor Department of Psychiatry, Niigata University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences) -Theme: Psychiatry to bridge human, mind, and brain: Beyond time and current matters   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Application Procedure For details, please ask the applicants to visit the English web site of the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology.   Applicants must submit through On-Line Registration System for the 115th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology.   Application Deadline: October 21st, 2018 (Japan time)   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Contact -E-mail: -Postal address: Hongo-Yumicho Building, 2-38-4, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033 Japan

AFPA Bulletin 2018 / Dated : 07/08/2018

AFPA Bulletin 2018

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Suicide prevention Day / Dated : 11/09/2017

world suicide prevention day

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IPS Mid Term CME / Dated : 06/09/2017

IPS Mid Term CME at Visakhapatnam on 12th-13th August, 2017 was very well organized which ensued active participation in large number. The event was a grant success.