Diwali greetings from President



It is Deepavali time again. The strings of small pools of light of the innumerable small diyas and candles that adorn every house in India and many houses abroad hold deeper meanings: a symbolic representation of hope overcoming despair; of joy chasing away gloom and of knowledge vanquishing ignorance.  For us psychiatrists and allied mental health professionals the festival signals much - to strive to put a patch of light into every life that we are honored to be called to take charge of. The business of psychiatry is mendings minds and therefore lives not just organs. 


Let this unique festival inspire us all once again to put every bit of knowledge and skills that we have acquired, at the service of the people under our care with determination and zeal. I find a new enthusiasm all around to reach out to public to create awareness about the diseases of the mind-brain system and about practices that keeps this unique system of our species healthy, happy and productive. The year so far has seen much activity in all of our branches. We have been able to set in motion a few initiatives that should add to the stature of our society and I am very optimistic about the outcomes. But we know that advancement is a process that lacks a definable end. Together we shall work to add to the glory of our society and make it look a little brighter than that in the year gone by.


Hearty greetings for a bright and beautiful deepavali for you, your families and friends.