News from Treasurer / Dated : 06/09/2017

It gives me immense pleasure to talk with you that we could generate new membership number of IPS for all the members. From 2018 onwards the new number will be in force-action. My humble request to al, HOD’s of Psychiatry department, pls ask your all PG students to enroll as soon as they enter your department. The reason is to present a paper, they need IPS membership number and they ask for the number immediately, which is practically not possible. So I request all of you that pls don’t make the easiest thing, emergency one. Request to LOM, if you have obtained your Psychiatry degree and completed five years after passing, then please upgrade your membership to Life Fellow. Those who are still Ordinary Annual Member or Fellow then please upgrade your membership to Life Ordinary Membership or Life Fellow membership as per your eligibility.

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