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IPS President’s Message

Dr. Laxmikant Rathi
President, Indian Psychiatric Society,
2024 – 2025

Dear Members,
At the outset I am thankful to you all for making me President of our Indian Psychiatric Society. Taking charge as the President in the Platinum Jubilee conference (75th) added more glory to it. The ingredients on which I will be working are “Honesty“, “Transparency” and “Commitment” towards the Portfolio.

Public education and awareness is very near to my heart. If this is done properly throughout the nation then all the psychiatrists and specially the young psychiatrists will be benefited a lot. I also believe that in post Corona period the importance of “mind” health has increased a lot, as it is directly related with the immunity of the person also. So we all together must spread the new concept “Sound body in sound mind only“.

It is my humble request to you all to foster Friendship Fellowship and Harmony in our organization. Let us all rise above all our personal interest to uphold the image of IPS Nationally as well as Internationally. Together we will leave no stone unturned in all the spheres to increase the awareness about Mental Health as well increase the glory of our Indian Psychiatric Society. We will be also focussing on all the Private Psychiatrists who work 24×7 in remote areas and help us a lot for our educational programs. We will be also forming a strong legal cell to protect rights of our all colleagues. I also request all LOM to get converted into LF on voluntary basis and take part in choosing their Leaders which is very important for any organisation to keep democracy alive in the organisation. This will also attract new leadership in the organisation. I am always available for any difficulty of your’s throughout my tenure as well as thereafter also.

Thanking You
With Love, Regards and Respect to all.
Dr. Laxmikant Rathi
President, IPS

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