IPS Multicentric Study 2022

May 27, 2022IPS Secretariat, Research, Education & Training

The Esteemed Members,
Indian Psychiatric Society,

Dear All,

Indian Psychiatric Society (IPS) is inviting research proposals for IPS Multicentric Study 2022 from the esteemed members. IPS always aimed at collaborating research activities among professionals, capacity building and inculcating research interest in a larger number of IPS members.

This year also, we welcome you to participate in IPS Multicentric Study which is the annual activity of Research, Education and Training Foundation – Subcommittee, IPS.

We request you to submit your application by 20th June, 2022 as per the guideline mentioned in the attached document.

Kindly respond as early as possible.

Warm regards,

Dr. Arabinda Brahma
Hon. General Secretary, Indian Psychiatric Society

Mobile: +91-9830066869
E mail: [email protected]

IPS Multicentric Study Notice:

IPS HGS - 0431 Multicentric Study 2022 - 18-05-2022


IPS Multicentric Study 2022

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