Dear IPS Members,
As the new IPS website grows in features, we at the website committe have been receiving multiple queries regarding new account creation, previous login credentials, profile verification etc. So, in discussion with the Hon. Office Bearers, we decided that a page answering questions specifically to the website & its problems might be of help to all users. Therefore, this blog page was created as a central hub for discussing website features, future goals & for reporting problems.


Explanatory tutorials and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about IPS website, account and registration.


Features the committee is working on currently and exciting features that are planned for the future.


Provide feedback, highlight problems, suggest features that you will want to see, and we will definitely try!

Timeline & Roadmap

Working on Now

  • Events Module: Facility to post IPS events directly to website.
  • Google / Facebook Login: For enhanced security.
  • Books & Publications: A central database for all IPS publications.

Working Next

  • Reports Module: Events report, Zonal reports.
  • Online Booking: Headquarters, Facilities, etc.
  • Online Payments: Registrations, book purchase.
  • Protected Documents: Minutes, AGBM etc.

Planned for Later

  • Mobile app: Android and iOS app for notifications.
  • Events app: Book tickets, upload program, do quizes.
  • Forum & Social Networking: A private facebook. 
  • User Account: Online account, profile, membership levels, profile picture, instant notification.
  • New Registration: New IPS registrations, with automatic forwarding to proposer, seconder, treasurer & secretariat.
  • Mail Subscription: User mails, automatic response, bulk-mail, weekly & monthly newsletter.
  • Security Update: Norton verified, Cloudflare protected, Google Captcha secured, & DropBox backed up for 90 days with instant site rebuild.

Features & Explanations

Write us a suggestion


Have any suggestions? Want new website features? Facing tech problems with the IPS website? We are happy to listen and help. Write to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Designed 100% In-House

This website has been conceptualised, designed, developed and coded exclusively by the members of the IPS website committee.

The Team

Advisor – Dr Vinay Kumar
UI Design & Coding – Dr Koushik S Deb
Content Editor – Mr Partha Ghose, Dr Ragul Ganesh

Tech-Support – An energetic web-design start-up from Jodhpur, specializing in data & content management.