Human rights and privileges of mentally ill persons

Mar 22, 2022Guidelines




Summary: SCOPE OF THE PAPER Definition Right to Health in constitution in India International perspective Human Rights of Mentally ill as outlined by National Human Rights commission Human Rights as per Mental Health Care Act 2017 Treatment for involuntary patients and proxy consent to treatment Special treatment medical and surgical procedures, seclusion, and restraint Rights of families and caregivers of persons with mental disorders Provision of penalties. Conclusion.
Authors: Shiv Gautam, Akhilesh Jain, I. D. Gupta, Manaswi Gautam, Navendu Gaur, B. S. Shekhawat
Year of Publication: March-2022
Citation: Gautam S, Jain A, Gupta ID, Gautam M, Gaur N, Shekhawat BS. Clinical Practice Guidelines for human rights and privileges of mentally ill persons. Indian Journal of Psychiatry. 2022;64(Suppl 1):S35.

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