Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Paediatric Somatoform disorders

Jan 19, 2020Guidelines

This guideline updates a previous document (2008) on the assessment of children with somatoform disorders. Various aspects of the assessment including those related to individual, family and environmental variables are described. Goals of treatment ranging from the immediate to the long-term, are discussed, and modalities of treatment including psychoeducation, psychological intervention, and medication management, are described.

Author:  Vivek Agarwal, Chhitij Srivastava, Prabhat Sitholey
Year of Publication: 2019

Citation: Agarwal V, Srivastava C, Sitholey P. Clinical practice guidelines for the management of somatoform disorders in children and adolescents. Indian J Psychiatry 2019;61, Suppl S2:241-6.