IPS CPG 2022 – Draft Guidelines on Psychiatric Emergencies and Brain Stimulation Techniques

Oct 22, 2022Specialty Sections

Dear Fellows and Members of the Indian Psychiatric Society,
The Clinical Practice Guidelines Committee of the Indian Psychiatric Society is pleased to present the Draft Guidelines on Psychiatric Emergencies and Brain Stimulation Techniques. The Guidelines have been developed by eminent experts. After presentation and discussion in the IPS National Workshop on CPG for Psychiatrist in India held on 23rd and 24th July 2022 at Jaipur, the Guidelines have been suitably modified. We seek your feedback on the Guidelines for any corrections in the content.

Please type in your suggestions in the box below, mentioning the guideline referred to, and the content that your suggestion refers to. We would be happy if the feedback can be provided by 15 November 2022.

Thanking you

Prof Shiv Gautam (Chairperson, CPG Committee)
Prof Jhanavi Kedare (Co Chairperson, CPG Committee)
Prof Sandeep Grover (EC Coordinator, CPG Committee)
Dr Siddharth Sarkar (Convener, CPG Committee)

Feedback can be provided in the feedback box below or directly at the email: [email protected] 



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