IPS Election 2024

This page forms the central repository of all information related to the IPS elections. Announcements and notices from the election commission and the secretariat will be added to this page as they are published.

Notice 3: 27th October, 2023

The final list of contestants for various posts of the Indian Psychiatric Society are hereby notified. Kindly download the official pdf for the complete details.

  • Canvassing by Mobile / Telephonic calls is only permitted.
  • No other means are permitted for canvassing. If any breach is detected, the contestant shall be disqualified.

Please note: “no other means” explains as mass communication involving election through bulk format of email; SMS; WhatsApp; Facebook; any social media; pamphlet, images, write-up, letters, tele & video conferencing, hoardings and also call to voters by third party (other than candidate).

Download Notice Document

Thanking you,
Dr. Asim Kumar Mallick
Election Commission,
Indian Psychiatric Society

Notice 2: 30th September, 2023

The Scrutiny Meeting for the IPS Election 2024 was held on Sunday, 24th September 2023 @ 10:30 AM in hybrid mode (in-person at IPS Headquarter, Gurgaon and also in online Zoom platform) and was successfully conducted by the Election Commission in the online presence of Hon. General Secretary IPS, Hon. Treasurer, IPS and the Nominees for the election.

We are pleased to release the scrutiny report for the IPS Election 2024, hereby attached.

Please note:
20th October 2023 is the last date of receiving withdrawal of nomination, that to be sent on official email of Election Commission ([email protected])

Thanking you,
Dr. Asim Kumar Mallick
Election Commission,
Indian Psychiatric Society

Notice 1: 15th August, 2023

The Election Commission of the Indian Psychiatric Society invites nominations from the eligible Life Fellows of the Indian Psychiatric Society to the following posts:

1. Vice President cum President Elect – One Post – One Year
2. Hon. General Secretary – One Post – Two Years
3. Hon. Treasurer – One Post – Two Years
4. Hon. Editor – One Post – Two Years
5. Direct Council Member – Three Posts – Three Years
6. Direct Council Member (Lady) – Two Posts – Three Years

  • The nominees must fulfill all eligibility criteria on/before 15th September 2023, the last date of submission of nomination papers by email on [email protected]
  • The completely filled nomination form in the attached format must be scanned and the documents must be sent as attachments to an email on which only the phrase ‘NOMINATION’ shall be mentioned in the subject area of the email.
  • The email must be sent at the official email address of the Election Commission i.e. [email protected]
  • The email should be sent from the Nominee’s own email id that is being mentioned in Nomination Form.

Note: Any complaint or any kind of suggestion from the candidate or any eligible voter must be sent on official email id of Election Commission, [email protected] and not on personal email id of any of the Election Commission members.

Complete details along with Nomination Form is available in the Official Election Notification 2024The oficial list of all Fellows of the society can be found here.

Dr. Asim Kumar Mallick
Chairperson, Election Commission, Indian Psychiatric Society
Date: 15th August 2023

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