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Dear Esteemed Members,

On a cold and foggy 7th January 1947, thirteen leading doctors working in the field of mental health in India met during Indian Science Congress at Delhi University and formed an association of mental health professionals and named it Indian Psychiatric Society. This day facilitated the first step of a journey which has ushered in a movement of academics, research, and care of the mentally unwell with compassion and commitment. Now, the IPS is a much bigger caravan with pan India presence and respectable international standing.

The new organization held its first annual conference at Patna next year in January and got it registered there in the office of Asst. Registrar, Joint Stock Companies, as ‘Indian Psychiatric Society’, under the Societies Registration Act of 1860, on 30th December 1948 and thus the IPS was officially born. In the flux of time, due to frequent shifting of IPS Secretariat, this precious birth certificate was lost, but when Patna got the opportunity to run the office of Hony General Secretary, we were able to find it in the government archives and get rid of uncertainties officially. This discovery inspired us to think about celebrating the IPS Foundation Day. It is worth remembering that the proposal came from the newly installed President this year and AGB at Kolkata ANCIPS approved it with great applause.

Friends, as the society was born officially and held its first ANCIPS in Patna we are meeting there to unfurl the first flag of IPS Foundation Day. With great joy we invite one and all to join this first ever mega event which will be celebrated in the hybrid mode, real and virtual, in keeping with the imperatives of present times. The real, in-person platform will be at the Hotel Maurya, Patna with full COVID protocol and virtually on Zoom, Facebook as well as YouTube. The link for virtual platforms will be made available to all of you through SMS, WhatsApp and Email. You can download it from our website https://indianpsychiatricsociety.org also. Kindly, contact Dr Rajeev Ranjan, Hony Secretary, IPS Bihar State Branch, [email protected] for in person participation and other details.

We all are passing through troubled waters of corona-time and ensuring sound mental health has proven to be the most effective boat to swim through. Keeping this in mind, the IPS EC has chosen “Mental Health Matters” as the theme for the day and the year ahead. Let us be proactive and try to connect to masses with this theme and related subtopics through print, electronic and social media.

We request all the zonal, states and local branches so also individual members to celebrate IPS Foundation Day on 7th January 2021 in their respective areas, hospitals and / or institutes to spread the message on the current year’s theme: “MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS”.

Kindly send the detailed reports along with photographs of the programme for the publication in the IPS website and for the records.

We are enclosing herewith the sample banner where you can incorporate your details in the space provided.

Warm regards,

Sincerely yours,

Dr. T.S. Sathyanarayana Rao
Hon. General Secretary, IPS

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