IPS Mental Health Survey on Psycho-social Impact of Lock-down due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Apr 6, 2020COVID, IPS Secretariat

Warm Greetings from the Indian Psychiatric Society!

Indian Psychiatric Society is the largest organization of the Mental Health Professionals in India. Indian Psychiatric Society stands with every Indian, in the wake of this COVID-19 pandemic. However, we as mental health professionals understand that this LOCKDOWN has resulted in an unprecedented limitation to our mobility. This restriction is possibly impacting the mental health of everyone in society. Keeping this in mind, the Indian Psychiatric Society is conducting this small survey to understand the impact of LOCKDOWN on mental health of people in India. This survey is available in 10 languages. You can choose your preferred language.

You are requested to spare 10 minutes of your valuable time to complete this survey. This will help to understand the mental health impact of LOCKDOWN on the society. The data collected as part of the survey will be confidential and your identity will not be disclosed. Completion of the survey will imply your consent to participate in this survey. Please try to answer all the questions honestly.

Please click on the below link to participate in this survey



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