IPS: State-wise list of Professionals Volunteering for Online Mental Health Services.

Apr 11, 2020COVID, IPS Secretariat

EDIT-2 (15th April, 2020): Further addition to the list of volunteer mental health professionals, as updated on 15th April, 2020. Current list of professionals volunteering across the country stands at 656.

EDIT (11th April, 2020) : IPS thanks all its members and branches for the outpouring of support that we have received. With more members joining in, for voluntary services, we have updated the list as of 11th April. The current list of professionals volunteering across the country is 611. For mental health professions willing to join the voluntary services, please contact the IPS secretariat.

Mental health professionals across the country have come together to provide voluntary online telemedicine services for all mental health issues in time of this crisis. The IPS welcomes and supports all its  members and the state branches for this magnificent effort. The following downloadable document provides a state-wise list of resources for tele-psychiatry.




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