IPS Position Statement – regarding LGBTQA

Apr 10, 2023IPS Secretariat, Position Statement

Position Statement of Indian Psychiatric Society regarding LGBTQA

In 2018, the Indian Psychiatric Society had supported the decriminalization of homosexuality and LGBTQA spectrum from Sec. 377 of the Indian Penal Code, as well had stated that these are variants of normal sexuality, not deviant, and certainly not an illness.
As an extension to the same, the Indian Psychiatric Society would like to reiterate that these individuals be treated like all citizens of the country, and once a citizen can enjoy all civil rights like education, employment, housing, income, government or military service, access to health care, property rights, marriage, adoption, survivorship benefits to name a few. There is no evidence to indicate that individuals on the LGBTQA spectrum cannot partake any of the above. On the contrary, discrimination which prevents the above, may lead to mental health issues.

The Indian Psychiatric Society is very cognizant that a child adopted into a same gendered family may face challenges, stigma and/or discrimination along the way. It is imperative that, once legalized, such parents of the LGBTQA spectrum bring up the children in a gender neutral, unbiased environment. It is also of utmost importance, that the family, community, school and society in general are sensitized to protect and promote the development of such a child, and prevent stigma and discrimination at any cost.


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