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May 19, 2021Task Forces

Dear Friends/ colleagues,
As we all are aware, doctors are professionals who are under immense stress all the time due to their professional commitments and balancing that with their personal life. The troubles have intensified during this COVID-19 pandemic situation. The mental health of doctors has always been neglected. There are multiple reasons for this neglect which include poor awareness about the mental health-related issues and the care available, the need for anonymity/ confidentiality,  fear of being punished/ criticized by the employers/colleagues/ family, unwillingness to be treated like all the other patients, etc.

There is a need to take care of the mental health of our fraternity. We all are doing everything possible to ensure the same in our individual capacity. Some of us have created helplines for the mental health care of the doctors. But not every doctor in need of mental health care has access to such information. In view of the same, we, the “Doctor for Doctors (D4D)” Taskforce of Indian Psychiatric Society, are collecting the details of all the psychiatrists and organizations who are willing to dedicate some exclusive time for the mental health care of the doctors in particular. With this information. we intend to create a database of mental health care for doctors which will be circulated to all the doctors in the country in coordination with the Indian Medical Association.

So if you are interested in this task, please complete the form through this link:

Google Form: https://forms.gle/T8rH4Jg6CnXJEi5Z8

(EDIT: 1:21PM 19/5/21  The previous link had a ‘full-stop’ at the end creating error in google. The link is now proper and working)

We assume an implied consent to share your professional details with the doctors if you complete the form. If you have any query regarding the same or you wish to suggest or share some information feel free to contact:

Dr Arun Kandasamy,
Chairperson, IPS Taskforce D4D
Contact Email: [email protected]

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