MHCA 2017: Proposal for Amendments

Dec 14, 2021IPS Secretariat, Task Forces

Dear All,
You are aware that there is great dissatisfaction with the MHA 2017. The best option available to us is to go for amendments. The Indian Psychiatric Society has decided to send a ‘Proposal for Amendments to the MHA 2017’ to the Govt of India. Please find herewith a draft of the proposal.

In view of your vast expertise and experience, we most humbly urge you to please spend your valuable time and go though the proposal. Please give your concrete suggestions for modifications if any. It will be highly appreciated if your reply is received within 15 days.

Organising Chairperson: Indira Sharma
Organising Secretary: Shruti Srivastava
Dr. Kazi Md Rezaul Karim
Dr (Major) Nand Kishore
Dr Sandeep Grover

Kindly provide your suggestions here: (CLOSED)



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