Profile Settings & Email Subscriptions

Sep 17, 2020Website


  • How do I edit/update my details?
  • How do I change my address, email, phone number etc?
  • I am not receiving any communication from IPS?


Account: IPS account can be updated by any registered member at any time by visiting the profile page. Social accounts can be linked by entering the web-address (eg. of user profile for the social network. Additionally, by adding your Instagram profile, you can automatically show your Instagram feed under your profile.

The Account Settings Page is the place where one can change the website registration details, like changing the email, updating password, changing privacy and as well as downloading and deleting all personal data.

IPS Notices: To ensure that you receive all IPS emails, you need to subscribe to the various IPS mailing lists. After registering to the site for the first time, you will receive an invitation email to subscribe to the official notices of IPS. Follow the link in the mail to complete subscription.

E-subscription: After logging into your account you can also navigate to the e-subscriptions page under publications, to subscribe to one of the three email channels, or to unsubscribe.

An archive of all emails sent by the association can be accessed at the same page too!


The IPS Archive

All notices, announcement and events of the IPS are now archived for future reference and are availabe in a searchable format for registered members of the society.