Restraint guidelines for mental health services

Jan 4, 2019Guidelines




Summary: Restraint use in mentally ill patients are regulated by Mental Healthcare Act 2017 in India. At times, persons with mental disorders become dangerous to self, others or towards the property, warranting an emergency intervention in the form of restraint. Restraint as a matter of policy, should be implemented after attempting alternatives, only under extreme circumstances as last resort and not as a punishment. It should be an intervention focused at managing the concerned behavior for a given point of time. Restraint should always result in safety and should ensure that the human rights of mental health care users are upheld. This guideline was developed towards Indian mental health services in conjunction with international evidence-based strategies following a decade of collaborative research work between Indian and European mental health professionals.
Authors: Bevinahalli Nanjegowda Raveesh, Peter Lepping
Year of Publication: January-2019
Citation: Raveesh BN, Lepping P. Restraint guidelines for mental health services in India. Indian J Psychiatry. 2019 Apr;61(Suppl 4):S698Ð705.

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