Clinical Practice Guidelines for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Jan 19, 2020Guidelines

This document assesses processes and approaches to assessment, including situations in which autistic spectrum disorders should be suspected; behavioral, cognitive and developmental markers; severity assessment; additional assessments; and the role of various treatment options within a multi-disciplinary framework. Special issues related to comorbidity or disease dimensions are discussed separately, including the assessment and management of agitation, feeding difficulties, sleep problems, and issues surrounding certification and insurance.

Authors: Alka A. Subramanyam, Abir Mukherjee, Malay Dave, Kersi Chavda
Year of Publication: 2019
Citation: Subramanyam AA, Mukherjee A, Dave M, Chavda K. Clinical practice guidelines for autism spectrum disorders. Indian J Psychiatry 2019;61, Suppl S2:254-69
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