Assessment and Management of Specific Learning Disorders

Jan 1, 2019Guidelines




Summary: This guideline refers to the assessment and management of specific learning disorders, including specific reading disorder, spelling disorder, disorders of arithmetic skills, and mixed disorders. The clinical presentation may be variable, with children presenting either primarily for academic dysfunction, but sometimes also being identified due to comorbid psychological or behavioral symptoms. Clinical assessment includes the use of psychometric testing to confirm normal intelligence using tests of both verbal and performance-based measures. Structured batteries of tests are available for this purpose, adapted for the Indian context and culture. Interventions may include accommodation, adaptation, modifiation and remedial education. The format for disability certification is also provided
Authors: Henal Rakesh Shah, John Kommu Vijay Sagar, Mansi Pradeep Somaiya, Jitendra Kumar Nagpal
Year of Publication: January-2019
Citation: Shah HR, Sagar JKV, Somaiya MP, Nagpal JK. Clinical Practice Guidelines on Assessment and Management of Specific Learning Disorders. Indian J Psychiatry. 2019 Jan;61(Suppl 2):211Ð25.

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