Draft Competency Based Medical Education Manual for UG Psychiatry

Jul 14, 2023IPS Secretariat

Dear Fellows and Members of the Indian Psychiatric Society,

The Competency Based Medical Education for Undergraduate Psychiatry training, recommended by NMC, is in place since 2019. However, implementation is challenged by varying levels of expertise and resources.Undergraduate training is crucial for the cause of Psychiatry in the country . This is a draft of a Manual for the implementation of the CBME. It includes specific learning objectives, lesson plans and examples of assessment strategies and electives. This is the culmination of work over the past 4-5 years by succeeding IPS UG Education subcommittees and other education subcommittees. The manual is in lines with the recommended published CBME curriculum competencies, but will also include/be updated to ICD 11 and current NMC guidelines after receiving feedback from all stakeholders.
We seek your feedback on the manual within the next 30 days.
Feedback is to be sent to [email protected] or [email protected].

Thanking you
IPS UG Education Subcommittee
Advisor: Dr M V Ashok
Chairperson: Dr Lalit Batra
Co-chairperson: Dr Anil Nishchal
Convenor: Dr Christina George
E C Co-ordinator: Dr Kshirod Kumar Mishra
Co-opted members: 1. Dr Vinay H R
2. Dr Priya Sreedaran
Invited members: 1. Dr Henal Shah (PG Education subcommittee Chairperson)
2. Dr Kishor M (Psychiatry Teachers Forum)
3. Dr Malay Dave

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