IPS Election 2021

This page forms the central repository of all information related to the IPS elections. Announcements and notices from the election commission and the secretariat will be added to this page as they are published.


Notice 2: 19th August, 2020

The IPS secretariat has submitted the list of eligible voters to the IPS Election Commission 2021. This list contains all IPS membership till 30th June, 2020 and contacts & obituary updated & revised till 14 August 2020. Kindly check your voting details below. A more detailed list with contact information is also available below for Life-Fellows of the Society.


Notice 1: 1st August, 2020

Edit: 13/08/2020 – Now Closed!

All ‘Life-Fellows’ of IPS are requested to check their mobile number and email id, which are required for the upcoming IPS election 2021. In case of any discrepancy, kindly fill in the correction request below. The details submitted here will be considered final for the election 2021. Your details will be only shared with the Secretariat and the Election Commission. If your name is not in the list of Life-Fellows, kindly contact the secretariat at [email protected] and [email protected].

  1. If your mobile number or email address is missing, kindly fill it.
  2. If you have multiple email ids listed, kindly select one email id for the purpose of election.
  3. No change in Name & Address will be accepted at this time ror the purpose of election. You can update those details in your profile page.
  4. To prevent tampering, the search results are limited to 10 at a time. If your name is not visible initially, keep typing further letters to narrow down choices.
  5. The details need to be updated by 5pm, IST on 8th August, 2020.

Contact Details of Life Fellows – 2021


Access level: Life-Fellow

This section of IPS is for searching details of IPS Life-Fellows for the upcoming IPS Elections.

The information is protected by the Indian Psychiatric Society. Kindly login using username and password, received in your mail or SMS, to view this page. If you have not received any of these, kindly contact IPS Secretariat.

For further details regarding the IPS Directory, kindly contact the IPS Secretariat or the Election Commission.


To find Life-Fellow contact details.

Election Commission & Notices

Election Commission - 2020

Post Name Place Email Mobile
Chairperson DR. JAI PRAKASH NARAYAN Agra [email protected] 9412720392
Returning Officer DR. KAUSHIK GUPTE Surat [email protected] 9824101936
Election Officer DR. ASHOK REDDY KARREDLA Hyderabad [email protected] 9391041531

The IPS Archive

All notices, announcement and events of the IPS are now archived for future reference and are availabe in a searchable format for registered members of the society.