Principles of Marital Therapies and Behavior Therapy of Sexual Dysfunction

Jan 1, 2020Guidelines




Summary: Summary Sexual Disorders are common, and many SDs commonly encountered by Indian clinicians are not included in these classifications, taking into account the vast diversities in culture, belief systems, religion, and educational level. Certain unique socioculturally determined sexual clinical conditions, such as Dhat syndrome and apprehension about potency, also do not receive attention in western guidelines. Marital therapy and behavioral therapies remain the mainstay of management of SD. TREATMENT OPTIONS include sex education and relaxation exercises are primary modalities as a general measure of treatment, many types of psychotherapies, such as Master Johnson’s behavioral therapy or its modifications, interpersonal, psychodynamic, rational emotive therapy, systematic desensitization, ban on sexual intercourse, and skill training in communication of sexual preferences.” “Sex education and Relaxation exercises using Jacobson’s progressive muscular relaxation technique or Benson Henry relaxation technique are general techniques useful for all patients. Specific pharmacological and non-pharmacological measures, predominantly psychosocial, may be delivered via a variety of techniques, including sex (dual) therapy, and behavioural therapies. These techniques may be provided in-session and with essential homework sessions: the homework sessions are described for couples and single males separately. Specific interventions for both male and female sexual disorders (male: lack of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation; female: hypoactive sexual desire disorder, female sexual arousal disorder,female orgasmic disorder, dyspareunia and vaginismus) are described. Couples therapy is an alternative therapeutic option. Treatment should include components of aftercare and relapse prevention. “Master and Johnson (1970) are nongenital sensate focus, genital sensate focus, and vaginal containment.” “Tables 6 and 7 the principles of homework assignments for single male with SD and PME.”
Authors: Mrugesh Vaishnav, Gautam Saha, Abir Mukherji, Parth Vaishnav
Year of Publication: January-2020
Citation: Vaishnav M, Saha G, Mukherji A, Vaishnav P. Principles of Marital Therapies and Behavior Therapy of Sexual Dysfunction. Indian Journal of Psychiatry. 2020 Jan;62(Suppl 2):S213.

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